Welcome to Perrigo's Store Brand Samples product sampling opportunity!

You're here because you like to save money and feel good about it. But you don't just buy any product just because it costs less. Quality is just as important to you. And, people trust your opinion when they're making purchase decisions and value your honesty.

Store Brand Samples is part of a partnership with the leading private label pharmaceutical manufacturer, Perrigo, and its retailer partners. The program will sample store brand medicines, or over-the-counter drugs, available for sale at retailers everywhere - without a prescription. They're sold as the retailer's brand, with the same active ingredients as the name brand products.

For more than 125 years, Perrigo has provided quality and affordable healthcare products, and we're thrilled to offer this sampling opportunity with our retail partners. Join this unique program, and select the products that are relevant to you. We hope you will share your honest feedback on how well they've worked. As a program member, you will be periodically invited to choose products to receive, at absolutely NO cost to you.

Perrigo will never influence the opinions of our Sampling Program members, nor do we modify or edit any reviews. A review collected through this program will be labeled as such on retailer websites.

Thank you for your interest and engagement. We are excited to get you started trialing some great equate product samples.